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My Nephews, Max and Devin My Nephews, Max and Devin

At One Dish Cuisine, I know that many of us on Gluten Free Diets have other food allergies and restrictions so I created a color coded system identifying other top allergens; such as Casein Free (which is Free of Lactose, Milk and Dairy), Soy Free, Egg Free, Corn Free, Fish Free, and Animal Product Free. Our products are tested at an independent lab to verify that they are free of the allergens that we say they are free of. This information is noted on the front label of our products. We have dedicated equipment and adhere to a strict Allergen HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) Plan to ensure no cross contamination of products.

History: In the late 1980’s; after 25 years of brain fog, balance issues and many autoimmune complications, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance (later; Casein Intolerance). I know the difficulties of sticking to a Gluten Free Diet and know that if there were great tasting, healthy food options readily available, most would not “cheat” on their diets and further compromise their health. Back when I was diagnosed it was extremely difficult to find a health food store or someone who understood what Gluten Free meant. When I did find food that I could eat, it was pretty much tasteless or dry, so I made my own food. Over the past few years, gluten free options have increased in numbers…but not necessarily in taste. One Dish Cuisine has changed that.

When my youngest nephew was diagnosed with Autism (PDD NOS) I adapted just about every recipe to fit the GFCFSF lifestyle. The GFCF Diet recovered my nephew and the only medication he ever took was Nystatin to get rid of yeast. Many customers, adults and children, have no dietary restrictions at all, they just love the food! In 2010 our food became available in select restaurants and now supply, stores, hospitals, schools and assisted living facilities. Starting in October of 2012 you can stop in and see us at our Café, Deli and Bakery for a burger, pizza, sub, fresh bread, desserts or fresh sliced Deli Meat and Cheeses (Dietz and Watson and Daiya).

Following these diets should not mean a lifetime of bland tasteless food or dry heavy bread that needs to be toasted in order to eat it; bread can be soft just like you remember it. My mission is to welcome our under-served population back to the table by bringing great tasting food, at reasonable prices, into the mainstream. When a recipe calls for Soy Sauce or Worcestershire Sauce, I make my own from scratch, because leaving items out is not an option. There is a way to make food taste the way we remember it and I have had many years of practice. I use all-natural or organic products whenever possible and go the extra mile to make sure that you get what you are craving. Our containers are Free of BPA and Pthalates, oven safe and microwave safe.

We ship select frozen items directly to customers in the United States. For wholesale inquiries and a complete listing of all products available, please contact us directly.

Welcome Back To The Table,

Maureen Burke, Chef/Owner